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We Eliminate.
We Conquer.

Team Voodoo is a PvP clan that has been around for over 20+ years. Our focus is now on NFT Gaming. Join us Today!
Mir4 – NA78 – DTM Voodoo

Project Gundam Coming Oct 3rd
Are you Ready?

Become our Next Gundam in PHASE2!

Project Gundam
Membership Opportunity

Project Gundam is a massive in-game server management system update that will begin on October 3rd 2022. This update will bring many system changes to NA78 Specifically as well as a Voodoo Membership Opportunity! This Project will allow Friends & Allies to be gifted rewards for becoming members. Membership donations will be pooled together to purchase a powerful NFT. This NFT will become be set on a path to become a Gundam! Learn more about this project and its Benefits!

Join us & Dominate The Competition

Deemed to Succeed! Our leadership has over 20 years of Leadership. PvP and MMO Experience. Team Voodoo will take the NFT Gaming World by Storm, Playing Every Major Upcoming NFT Game. Join us Today and Dominate the Competition.

Play Hard Be Rewarded

A feature-rich Reward System was created to give our players extra rewards. Be Rewarded for Completing Specific Game & Website Achievements to earn points. The Reward System is always being updated and new content is being added.

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