DTM Voodoo NA78 – Mir4 Rules

No Carnal

Never Carnal

Setting your combat mode to Carnal to Attack an alliance member is Strictly Prohibited, Even in Magic Square and Secret Peak. Breaking this rule will result in being kicked and blacklisted from the alliance.

Exceptions: #1: Mining Alts are allowed to be removed from a Gold Mining node, but not killed.

Exception #2: Elders may go carnal to knock off a player grabbing a chest that does not belong to them during world


Contact your Elders!

Do not attempt to resolve any conflicts with other players in public chats (global, alliances, clans, etc.). Try to resolve the issue privately. If the issue can not be resolved, report the problem to your clan elders. Always Provide proof when possible, Screenshots or Videos

World Bosses

Follow the Schedule!

World Bosses will be based on the daily schedule map. Loot will be distributed according to a list. Follow the World Boss Leader’s calls as loot will be distributed fairly and evenly. Disobeying the Leaders call outs by taking loot that is not yours will result in a clan kick and perhaps server wide blacklisting. Everyone must be on discord in the World Bosses channel to attend world bosses! If you are not on discord you cannot receive chests.

Magic Square / Secret Peak

First come, First Serve!

Every player must use our Discord Bot to claim their spots before arriving to their desired destination. Once the spot is claimed, no one is allowed to invade this spot. However, with bosses the first person to hit a boss is the one who owns the Boss & Chests. All spots are for one person unless you are given permission to join them

Mining Alts

Mining & Gathering Only!

Some players may have the benefit of having a mining alt inside of one of our mining clans. These alts have no other benefits other mining in peace. If a mining alt is found in Magic Square or Secret Peak and you want their spot, ask them to move, if they do not, you may carnal and kill them. However, they may not be killed anywhere else.

Restrictions: ‘Gold Node’ Mining alts are allowed to mine Red & Gold Nodes. However, if a player from the main clan wants the Gold Node that a mining alt is occupying, The player is allowed to only go carnal to Knock the miner off the node. Killing this miner is not allowed.

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