VoodooxAdmin & Leader
ShroomzClan Credit Card
FireAngelClan Credit Card
ArismelCrypto Mastermind & Token Developer

Voodoox How he Became.

VoodooX or X for short, grew up during the golden age of video games. He has showed qualities of a leader early in his gaming career; from his Counter Strike days, all the way up to the MMORPG craze. This resulted in his evolution into a clan leader that has governed and guided countless troops into triumph. After consistently reigning atop popular MMORPG games such as Ultima Online, Dark Fall, RF Online, Lineage 2, Aion and all other PVP heavy game franchises for over 20 years. X stays hungry for destruction and continues to seek challenges. Nowadays, together with King Shroomz and FireAngel and his NFT Army, they will take on various Crypto Games, hoping that it can quench his thirst for annihilation.

Shroomz How He Became.

Shroomz grew up playing video games with friends after school and at the nearest arcade. As an adult Shroomz got involved with the film industry on the movie “Boogie Nights” (The Mark Wahlberg Remake). Working on the movie set inspired him to become an adult film star. After years of work & many films accomplished, Shroomz unfortunately became injured on the job. Shroomz then found himself depressed and ended up returning to his long lost love, Gaming. Shroomz is now a Co-Leader in Team Voodoo with his wife, FireAngel. Thus, influencing their gaming experience with massive in-game investments. Shroomz plans on playing Crypto Games for many years to come.

FireAngel How She Became.

FireAngel grew up as a gamer. As a girl, gaming was lonely and she found friendship with the sticks and rocks in her backyard. In High school she met Shroomz in Science class, and she always had a crush on him but was too shy to speak to him. As the years progressed, they graduated High School still not speaking to one another. Until one Thanksgiving afternoon, Shroomz returned to his hometown where they both grew up together. FireAngel learned of his workplace injury and decided to finally muster up the Courage to speak to Shroomz. The relationship blossomed into a gaming tyranny that many would say could last a lifetime. Rumor has it that she continues to reign terror upon her enemies with Shroomz at her side. For the sake of nostalgia, she still collects rocks and sticks to this day.

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